Since 2007, Jenmar has been heavily involved in LNG engineering and project management. In that time, the LNG industry has developed rapidly and Jenmar has remained unique in the amount of experience we hold in this field.

Our primary approach is always to provide an economical solution. We know that our clients have a responsibility to the bottom line and are not looking for a glamorous solution. We work with established and proprietary best practices, developed through years of experience, and apply relevant codes and standards to provide a safe and operationally-effective system at maximum economical efficiency. Jenmar has a wide range of LNG industry capabilities and experience and is qualified to execute a variety of projects including:

  • Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies for off-grid LNG storage and regasification
  • LNG system process design, modelling, and analysis
  • LNG facility detailed site engineering and permitting
  • Design of fixed and mobile LNG fueling stations
  • Design of LNG regasification and flare systems
  • LNG process troubleshooting
  • LNG transport equipment
  • LNG marine bunkering

Along with Jenmar’s expertise in LNG facility design, we are current leaders in the development of industry codes and standards. We have been an active participant in the International Standards Organization’s ISO/PC252 technical committee which has developed an international standard for LNG/CNG/LCNG fueling stations. Jenmar also holds an impressive portfolio of risk assessment capabilities which includes HAZID/HAZOP facilitators, Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessments, thermal radiation analysis and integral gas dispersion modelling.