Along with our years of practice in CNG facility engineering, Jenmar Concepts has decades of experience designing and customising CNG equipment and controls. This experience has allowed us to design, test, approve, commission, and troubleshoot a full range of equipment and systems that includes:

  • CNG compression
  • CNG pressure reduction systems
  • CNG system priority panels
  • Natural Gas storage vessel design
  • Natural gas vehicle (NGV) fuel system design
  • NGV de-fueling systems
  • Natural gas flaring
  • Small scale LNG production
  • LNG Vaporization
  • HVAC
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Refrigeration
  • Vehicle emissions reduction
  • Aerospace design
  • Advanced robotics

To see some of our custom equipment engineering in action, see this case study of the facility upgrades project at a British Columbia open-pit mine.